We know what it is like not to believe.

We know what it is like to be disaffected by church. We know what it’s like to be played, bored, patronised, dumbed-down, guilt-tripped, and misunderstood, and we don’t think church should do those things.

We do think church should: welcome everyone, bring good news, set people free, heal the sick, open blind eyes and communicate God’s kindness - the things that Jesus came to do. 

Oh, and it should definitely be fun too.

Everyone gets to play.

We believe the vision of the church belongs to all the people involved, so it needs to be shaped by everyone who comes. We’re fiercely passionate about the following values though, and we aim to incorporate them all we do:

  • An intimate and dynamic expression of worship, that isn’t a performance, and isn't just singing songs, but is rooted in the freedom to give God praise and to enter into his presence.

  • An intelligent, biblical communication of the gospel of Jesus and his kingdom to a culture that is turned off by religion but is spiritually open, intellectually stimulated, and hungry for truth.

  • Praying for people in the power of the Spirit - not manipulated, not manipulative, neither hyped up nor downplayed, always and often. 

  • We are vehemently irreligious. We don't believe Christianity is a religion, but a relationship. We do all we can to avoid religious attitudes, language, and behavior. 

  • We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or sexuality (or any other dividing line humankind can create) as they pertain to any aspect of inclusion in God’s family. We believe Jesus came to end all division and we do our best to be like him in this, as we do in everything else.

We’re part of an ever-growing family.

Ed and Hannah Flint and their three daughters moved from London, UK to plant Bread in September 2016. They planted from St Mary's London (where they both came to faith, met, got married, and Ed worked as associate pastor for nearly a decade). 

St Mary's has a history of planting churches. The first was in Auckland, New Zealand in 2005. Plants in Exeter and London (UK), and in Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL (USA) followed. These have all come about through long-standing relationships with people on the ground in those cities. The same is true of bread.

St Mary’s also has a well-established friendship with Darren and Alex Rouanzoin who lead Garden Church in Long Beach, CA. Darren and Alex have a vision to plant and partner with new churches across Southern California and have been enormously supportive to bread since its inception.

To get more of an idea of what bread is like, the best thing is to come along on a Sunday. All the details are here.