Psalms: Gods Closeness


If you’ve ever doubted Gods closeness - so has the author of Psalm 27. In this prayer-song of confidence we’re reminded of God’s closeness and promise to stick with us. We can freely dwell with Him and experience His love and goodness even in our less than ideal circumstances. How do we respond in the unfamiliar, when we’re waiting, when promises feel far from fulfilled?


I Am: True Vine


Unlike the previous ‘I am’ statements, Jesus is no longer proclaiming who He is to the world. His very public ministry shifts, and his final two statements are to privately comfort and assure his closest friends before his death: I am the way, the truth and the life. Jesus is reassuring them - I’m not gonna leave you. I’m on your side and directly after this - I am the true vine. Not only I am never going to leave you, but I am going to be living inside of you and you are going to be in me. Remain in me, the Spirit is coming, do not fear. Remain in me and I will remain in you.


I Am: The Resurrection


Raising Lazarus from the dead was the 7th and final sign of Jesus that John included in his gospel, and it accompanies this incredible claim: that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. But the statement wasn’t made to answer questions about our eternal futures, or what happens after we die.  Jesus made this claim to Martha; his very good friend, who was mourning the sudden loss of her brother. And it was a statement made about the here and now. The detail in this truly remarkable moment shows us beyond any doubt, that Jesus isn’t indifferent to our suffering and pain, He is with us in it, raging with us, about every instance of death, brokenness and pain