Hannah Flint / Church Leader.

I never dreamt I’d be doing this. Maybe the moving to LA part, but not the church bit. There are a lot of church leaders and missionaries in my ancestry, and it was never what I had planned.

I grew up between England, the States and Asia as a pastor’s and ‘mish’ kid (alllllll the baggage); the second of five sisters. By15, I’d decided for certain that christianity wasn’t for me, but after a decent search for meaningful experiences, via some stuff that sucked a lot, I found myself in a church again by my mid-20s. It was St Marys - our church in London - where I had a series of powerful and healing encounters, both with Jesus and other christians.

I wooed Ed after a long and highly competitive campaign in 2005. (Thank you. I know.)

I’ve spent the last few years running the animation department of a digital agency in London. I write, i pastor, i keep clients happy, and i mother our 3 girls, usually juggling it all with the dexterity of a circus clown.

I’m passionate about finding a way for everyone to thrive in church, especially those who have never done so before. I’m not into many of the models and ‘ministries' women might have - historically - seen and been subjected to. We view women as fully-inheriting, badass kingdom-bringers, with equality of calling and opportunity. (The crafting part is entirely optional.)

Despite never having planned on leading a church, I have learnt to live by the philosophy that if it’s what God’s doing, there's no better adventure to be on and no better life to pursue. 

The prayer ministry at the end is always my favourite part of the service.


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