How to.

At various stages of life people can suddenly or not so suddenly find themselves not quite knowing what to think or how to do stuff: navigating healthy relationships; getting married; having babies; parenting; dealing with bereavement; overcoming trauma; living with addictions; or just generally wondering what to believe about God and faith, and how to respond to him.  

Our plan is to run various short courses throughout the year tackling these and other specific subjects. They will serve as introductions and offer some helpful instruction in navigating the issues.

None of us is the finished article. We can all learn more about ourselves, our world, and what God thinks about stuff. Engaging with these subjects gives God the opportunity to change us from the inside out, so that we can become more of the whole people he made us to be, and better able to interact with the people and circumstances of our lives.

The next two course we are running are Alpha and Prayer Training. Click on the links for more information.