Freethinkers welcome.

Alpha is for anyone who's never done Alpha before.

It is fundamental to what we do at bread, and therefore we encourage everyone to do it.

It is a five week course about life, the Christian faith and spirituality.

If you’re new to bread we would love you to join us. It will give you a great opportunity to meet more people, ask any questions about anything at all, and get to know more of what we believe about God, the Christian faith and church.

It is also particularly for those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves christians or go to church, but are interested in exploring the big questions of life - Why are we here? Is there meaning to life? Does God exist?

It’s non-judgemental. It’s not about forcing you into some set of beliefs. We don’t want your money. 

Each evening starts with canapés/flatbreads/charcuterie (we buy those) and drinks (you buy those), a short talk on a particular subject, and then the chance to discuss the topic with like-minded people in smaller groups.

Our current course runs: Wednesday’s @ Covell Sidebar. 7.30pm-9.30pm. Our final Wednesday will be October 30th.