Raul Sandoval / Leader in Training.

I was born and raised in the mix of all that is East L.A: skateboarding, taco stands, graffiti art, etc. I grew up going to church but I found it boring and outdated so whenever Sunday came around, I played the ‘I’m sick’ card then eventually stopped going... until my junior year in high school. At 17 I had a tangible experience of God and felt an overwhelming sense of love and forgiveness. I was never the same. Jesus became real to me.

Since then I’ve wanted people to meet the real Jesus, not the cliche life-less Jesus so many are familiar with but the relevant, powerful, and loving Jesus. So I completed some internships in the inner city and suburbs working with youth, served as an associate youth pastor at a church in the San Gabriel Valley, then in 2016 earned a degree in biblical studies.

Today, my wife Ashley and I live in Lincoln Heights with our dog, Baby Puppy. On the weekdays I’m serving coffee in downtown - ask me about it and stop by sometime!

I believe in what is happening at bread, I think L.A needs more of it, and I am grateful to play a part in it.


backpacking / coffee / Depeche Mode / ceviche / westerns / clean stainless steel surfaces / Mexico / endless chips + salsa / honest conversations / Star Wars / hospitality / longevity in relationships / sour candy / slow mornings / whiskey / knitted sweaters / underdogs / bike rides / history documentaries / unexpected kindness / German cars / antiquing / Sprouts / cold weather (L.A cold so like 60 degrees) / solitude / Hot Cheetos / Amazon Prime


16oz cappuccinos / dust bunnies / feeling rushed / elf on the shelf / lentils / toxic masculinity / traffic / DMV / sleeping less than 6hrs / haircuts / condescending tones / spiders / when my name is spelled with an ‘O’ / entitlement / walls / those aggressive Christian billboards / florescent lighting / Jar Jar Binks + porgs / laundromats / getting called “buddy” / push notifications / Amazon Prime