The Life Of Bread: Social Justice


Social Justice. A potentially emotionally and politically triggering phrase for many of us (not least if we’re feeling like we’re just keeping our own head above the water)… but there’s no denying that since he gives his people instruction, God’s way is a socially just one. Looking after the little guy. Speaking up not at equal volume but at increased volume for the needs of the downtrodden; The widows (poor and destitute women), the orphans (abandoned and hopeless), the sick, the outsiders, the forgotten and the foreigners, in a world that’s always put the strong man on top. It’s all there, right from the start of God’s relationship with his people. And pretty much everything Jesus says and does backs this up (not an ounce of aiming for the rich and powerful to gain impact in his manifesto!) So this can be a bit of a bitter pill to ponder (or even think about) for Angelenos today. But there is hope. So much hope. In the togetherness of church - the coming together of gifts and passions and ideas - around a culture that agrees ‘the last comes first.'