Pete Campbell / Worship Director.

Hello. I’m from Australia, I’m married to Alana & I’m the proud clumsy Dad of our daughters Scout and Lux. 

I love worship. I believe Worship is crucial for our relationship with God and is something the whole church should enjoy together. It isn’t a show or obligatory performance, or about musical perfection. It’s a time where we can be vulnerable, connect with God and experience the Spirit.
Come visit us! It would be lovely to meet you. Bye.


social nous / when a movie is unexpectedly awesome / movie trilogies from the 80’s / music from the 80’s / Mexican food / sitting by a fire / the magic combo of friends, sun, beer, a grill & a pool / little trips away & my transformation into 'Vacation Dad' / cooking for friends / Seinfeld / winter in Lake Arrowhead / ATX / Disneyland / Game of Thrones / salted caramel / diners / discussing wine as though I know what I’m talking about / ‘Fun’ facts / trivia nights / an organized desk / a low key game of kicking or passing a ball / thanksgiving / doing ‘weekend’ type things midweek / hot tubs / anyone that just wants to have a laugh / waking up and realizing I can stay in bed for another hour 


virtue signaling / chewing noises / bullying / loud public conversations / audacious motorbike riders / social media / weather above 80 degrees / putting away clothes / drivers not indicating / people referring to Kanye as a genius / the entire process of airports & flying / bees / leaving everything to the last minute / limp handshakes / overly aggressive handshakes / being responsible for messing up a handshake - shall we just hug? / waiting in line / slurpy sip sounds, followed by the predictable & unnecessary ‘ahh’ sound / the term 'chocoholic' / the 3 cars that always sneak through every red light and delay everyone else / not understanding something / being the center of attention / being stuck behind couples or families that apparently need to utilize the entire width of the sidewalk and walk really slowly / if someone pokes me in the chest / crowded places / being late / anything being blown out of proportion / day sleeps / wet grass / when a dog sniffs me inappropriately and wipes it’s slobber mouth on my jeans and not only does the owner not intervene, they give me the “oh isn’t that so cute” face.