Staycation Early-Bird Extended!

You Still Have Time!

We’re very pleased to announce that the hotel we have booked for Staycation has allowed us to extend the early-bird period until the end of the week. So if you haven’t been able to get round to booking in at the reduced rate you can do it now!

Until midnight on Friday (5/10) the price will be $150 per person. After that the rate will go up to $195. So get your skates on.

The dates are Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd.

The location is Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.

The Speaker is John Peters from St Mary’s in London - the church Ed and Hannah left before moving to LA to plant bread. John is one of the most gifted and powerful communicators we’ve ever come across. He can also be quite funny sometimes too!

There will be three main sessions of worship, teaching and ministry; loads of time to relax and hang out; a Saturday evening barbecue; entertainments; full-kids program; and use of all the spa facilities, pool and private beach.

It is not to be missed.

Sign up right now, right here.

The price includes lodging, breakfast, evening barbecue and use of all the hotel resort facilities.

If you have any questions or queries email Alice.

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x

PS There will be no church happening on Sunday June 2nd in Los Feliz. Another great reason to sign up for Staycation!

Alpha Begins.

Tomorrow Night.

Alpha is for anyone who hasn’t done alpha before. And it is fundamental to what we do at bread.

So join us tomorrow (Wed May 1st) at Bar Covell 7.30pm-9.30pm.

4628 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

We’re in the speakeasy Sidebar. Go in the main entrance of Covell, walk to the back, turn left, walk through the bookcase. It’s all very Narnia-esque.

The evening begins with refreshments (we’ll provide flatbreads and olives and charcuterie, you buy your drinks from the bar) and then a short talk from Ed. After that we’ll split into smaller groups of 10-12 people. This is an opportunity to state any opinion and ask any question. People come on Alpha from a whole range of different backgrounds and with a whole range of different perspectives and beliefs. It is not a bible study, it’s not Sunday school, and it’s not about knowing ‘the right answer’. It’s a chance to hear what we believe, work out what you believe, get to know people better, and feel more part of the life of bread.

It’s a fantastic thing to bring friends to as well. It will not be cheesy. No-one will sing anything! It’s a very easy ask - cool bar, good people, interesting talk and stimulating discussion.

For planning and catering purposes it would be helpful to know if you are coming. So if you haven’t already, please sign up at the link here: But you can also just rock up on the night.

Lots of love and see you tomorrow!
Ed and Hannah x

Thank you! + Alpha!

Easter Sunday was an absolute blast. The place was packed with standing room only. We celebrated baby dedications, adult baptisms and of course new, resurrected life.

Thank you to you all who came along on Sunday, and especially to those who worked so tirelessly to make everything happen. The set-up, decoration, kids, worship, welcome, pack-down, games, snow cones, food, drink, parking, hot-tub organization could not have gone more smoothly. Bread turned two years old - we celebrated - and we couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you so much!


Alpha is one of the most important things we do at bread. It is a series of five weekly evening gatherings starting on Wednesday 1st May. It runs from 7.30-9.30pm

Alpha is for anyone who hasn’t done Alpha before. It is a chance to ask any question, state any opinion, voice any frustration, and hear what we and other people think. Many people grow up with a Christian upbringing and/or have been influenced (positively or negatively) by Christian things, but get to adulthood and realize they don’t have a context to work out what they actually believe, or ask their questions, or hear from other like-minded people. Alpha is that context.

It is for those who are new to bread (it’s a brilliant way of getting to know more people outside of the rush and hecticness of Sundays) and it is equally for those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves Christians but are interested in what Christianity is and what we believe.

Each evening starts with food - flatbreads/charcturie etc (we buy those) and drinks from the bar (you buy those); there is a short talk from Ed on a different subject each week; and then we break into smaller groups to discuss.

We meet at Covell Sidebar on Hollywood Blvd. We have booked out the private event space next to the bar - access through the secret bookcase.

Do not miss alpha you will be so glad you made it. And bring along as many friends/colleagues/family members as you like.

For planning and catering purposes it would be extremely helpful to know if you are coming. So please sign up at the link here:

Lots of love and see you Sunday!
Ed and Hannah x

Easter! Easter! Easter!

It’s happening.

This Sunday 10.30am - Los Feliz Elementary School.

We will be…

Commemorating the extraordinariness of resurrection

Celebrating mind-blowing new life

Dedicating two adorable little kids

Baptizing two amazing adults

Raising a toast to our second birthday

Eating tacos and snow cones

Bouncing on the bounciest of houses

Hunting for eggs

Spending time with great people

So do not miss this.

Come as you are. If you’ve not been to bread for a while, come and say hi. And if you have friends, colleagues, neighbors, or old-flames who are looking for somewhere to go for Easter, bring them along too. Everyone is so so welcome.

You can download an e-vite here.

Lots of love and see you Sunday,

Ed and Hannah x

Robin Morrison & Easter Celebrations

This Sunday Robin Morrison will be joining us to preach and dispense his wisdom! Robin is a brilliant one-of-a-kind communicator with an amazing gift of prophecy. We highly recommend coming to check him out on Sunday.


The following Sunday is Easter Sunday. We’re celebrating our 2nd Birthday. We’re baptizing adults and we’re dedicating kids. We have a taco stand and bounce house and snow cones afterwards. It is going to be an epic Sunday.

So… Do not miss this opportunity to invite and bring friends. Everyone wants to go to church on Easter (even if they don’t know it.) So please bring everyone you know. The church will be packed and it will be ace.

You can download an e-vite here.

Lots of love and see you Sunday,

Ed and Hannah x

New Website & Early Bird Staycation.

Our new website is live. Have a look at it here.

There’s a chance there may be just a couple of grammatical/spelling/formatting errors. If you spot one you win a prize. The prize is getting to tell us about it so we can fix it. Thanks. And congratulations.


As part of the new website we have a new podcast on iTunes. If you subscribed to the old one, you’ll need to resubscribe to the new one (the old one will not be updating). Unfortunately this hasn’t gone live yet (technical issue), so in the meantime you’ll need to access all episodes from our website here:

Sorry about this, it’s out of our hands but should be resolved soon.

Early Bird Staycation.

Staycation is going to be wild and brilliantly and powerful and fun. Last year everyone loved it. This year will be even better.

You can now access early-bird rates ($45 discount pp), register and get more info here.

Pray LA.


Palms, 90034 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah x


Have you been baptized? We would love to baptize you if you would like to be baptized. Jesus thought it was a particularly good thing to do!

Similarly if you would like to have your children baptized/dedicated, we would love to do that too!

And as it happens, we are baptizing adults and baptizing/dedicating kids on Sunday 21st April, Easter Sunday, our second bread birthday.

The day is going to be a huge celebration.

Email for more information and Ed will be in touch.

Pray LA.


Frogtown, 90031 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

This Sunday.

We’re continuing our series in Ephesians. There’s a special focus on men, women, equality, patriachy, submission and men. And also men. And the importance of men.

10.30am Los Feliz Elementary.

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah x

Running Challenge.

On Sunday the LA Marathon is taking place. And guess where it goes? That’s right, right past the doors of bread. This means two things: 1. We are in a prime spot to cheer the marathoners on as we sip our pre-church beverages from the comfort of the church steps. 2. There will be some travel challenges.

But challenges that, like our 26-mile running brethren, we will not fear and we will overcome.

The route closes off Hollywood Blvd from DTLA to WEHO. So, if you’re coming from south you need to either take the 10 and the 5 round the south east of DTLA, or cross Hollywood on 101 and get off at Cahuenga (the earliest open off-ramp).

All roads are due to reopen by 10.45am.

More details here:

Remember rising to challenges is what you were made for.

Pray LA.

Quick reminder: we’re launching two prayer meetings in the coming weeks.

The first is Thursday March 28th in Frogtown, 90031 - 7.30pm-9pm

The second is Thursday April 4th in Palms, 90034 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

See you Sunday…

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah