Alpha Tonight. Serve the City Sunday.

Drink a drink. Eat some snacks. Have a great conversation.

We’re very excited to be beginning Alpha this evening. We’re kicking off at 7.30pm at Covell Sidebar - enter through the bookcase at the back of the main bar.

There are loads of people signed-up for the course and we can’t wait!

If you’d like to come but haven’t yet signed up, you are very welcome. And please feel absolutely free to bring friends they will also love it.

There’s more info right here.

First Sunday.

This coming Sunday being the first Sunday of October means we will be taking out packs to those suffering from homelessness in our neighborhood straight after church. If you missed this last month it was a really brilliant launch to the initiative and we’d love to have you be part of it on Sunday. It’s super low-key, there will be a quick briefing before we go out, and everyone will be overseen by experienced volunteers.

We’ll be heading out at 12.30pm and back by 1.30pm.

Check out the Serve the City page here for more info and to donate resources to the packs.

In the meantime, see you Sunday!

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x