This Sunday: Guest Service, Baptisms and Tacos.

If you’ve been wondering when to invite friends to church, then this Sunday is a particularly good one to do it. We are baptizing two very new members of the church both of whom are only a few months old, and the service will be a big celebration and particularly geared towards those who are checking us out/haven’t been to church for a while/long time/ever! Ed’s talk will be focused on de-bunking some negative associations people can have with church or christianity whilst also bunking(?), re-bunking (?), up-bunking (?)… um… let’s just say bigging up the extraordinary news of the grace-filled life-altering wonder-making real gospel of Jesus of Nazareth. It’ll be wild.

Afterwards a whole bunch of us are going for lunch at La Villita Cantina in Franlin Village. It’s a five minute drive down Franklin Ave and we’ve reserved an area for us all to hang out. You are invited and so is everyone you know and love! We’ll be there from 12.45pm onwards…

See you Sunday!

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x