Everyone gets to play + When to bring friends to church

Prayer Training

This Sunday we’re running Prayer Training after the service. That everyone and anyone can learn to pray for people is one of our core beliefs at bread. We have seen lots of people down the years who previously had no experience of hearing God’s voice and/or had no prior experience in praying in the power of the Spirit, become exceptionally powerfully used in doing this. We believe it’s one of the most exciting things about church and it grows our faith, builds the kingdom/

So don’t count yourself out. Getting over the initial awkwardness is usually the biggest hurdle. After that it’s plain sailing!

Prayer Training is designed to help with all of this. We will look at the theology behind why we pray for people in the way that we do, and then explain the model of prayer that we used. Super low-key, very chill, no pressure or weirdness.

So if you’d like to find out more please join us after the service 1pm-2.30pm - grab lunch and meet back in the main auditorium

When should you bring friends to church?

Whenever you want really. But next Sunday (9/22) will be a particularly great service to do so. There will be baptisms and Ed will be speaking particularly to those who may have been brought up in church but have not wanted to be part of it , those who are trying to work out what they believe, and those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves Christians (as well of course those who may just be looking for a church to join!) So if you have friends who fit into any of those categories, bring them next Sunday.

Straight after the service a bunch of us will be going to lunch down the road in Franklin Village. So that’ll be a great way to hang and meet new pole and introduce friends to friends.

See you Sunday!

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x