Willy S: inventor of language.

Get some cultural fix.

Shakespeare, being the big creative brain that he was, invented a fair few words (eg ‘lonely’, ‘bandit’ ); idioms (eg ‘green-eyed’); and even catchphrases (eg ‘all that glitters is not gold’). He didn’t invent the word catchphrase though. But it is a great word and one which, as all self-respecting trivia types will know is one of the words in the English language with the highest number of consecutive consonants (i’ve counted them for you - it’s six). The word ‘Twelfth’ only has four but it seems like it has at least one too many.

Which is a hugely long-winded, mainly irrelevant, and definitely tedious way to remind you that…

We’re going to watch Shakespeare in the Park this Sunday! It’s totally free. Bring a picnic, something to sit on, and enjoy Twelftftth Night in the beautiful surroundings of Griffith Park. The performance starts at 7pm, but we will be gathering from 5.30pm onwards. For more information check out the link here: http://www.iscla.org/festival-2019

And RSVP to Amy Knutson who can answer any questions you may have - amy@bread.church.

Before then… See you on Sunday 10.30am…

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x