Social x Social.

Social Justice.

On Sunday we talked about our desire as a church to be more involved in helping bring justice to the people of Los Angeles and particularly our local community in Los Feliz.

The response has been great. Thank you to everyone who has said they’d like to be involved. We will talk more about it in the coming weeks.

To begin with, and I know this has been discussed for a while, we will be putting together packs to distribute to those suffering from homelessness in our local community. The packs will contain things like new underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet roll and other essentials. They will also include resources for finding help with already established organizations in the area. Once a month a team will be going out from bread after the service to meet, get to know and hand out these packs to those in need in and around the church.

We will be asking for donations in the next few Sundays.

This is the first step but we’re excited about the other areas in which we can be involved.

Social -izing.

Tonight we’re hanging out in Barnsdall Park for wine tasting, soaking up the sunset, and picnicing. Grab tickets and more info here:

See you on Sunday 10.30am, as we wrap our series looking at the Psalms.

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x