It's Never Too Late... Until It Is.

You still have time.

We are very excited about Staycation. It is going to be a brilliant time. We have only a handful of places left (like four) so do not miss out. It’ll be one of those things you just wished you’d signed up for. You have until Friday 12 noon to do it and then… it will be too late!

The hotel is great, the worship and talks and ministry will be great, the people are great, but above all it will just be a super time to get away from the city, relax in the mountain air, and enjoy all the good stuff about our bread church community.

Sign up here.

You can download the program for the weekend and some afternoon lunch/activity suggestions.

If you have any questions or queries email Alice.

If you want to check out the hotel you can do so here. It’s right on the lake, a two minute walk from the town, and is very comfortable.

No Church on Sunday.

Please remember there will be no church this Sunday at Los Feliz Elementary, as most of us will be in Arrowhead. So don’t turn up as it will all be closed!

We will be back the following week as normal - Sunday June 9th, 10.30am.

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x