More Vacay Than Conference.

Staycation is almost upon us.

But it is not too late to sign up which you can do right here.

The thing about bread weekends, and Staycation in particular, is that they’re just super chill - much more of a vacation than anything too full-on and Christiany. That is not to say that the sessions won’t be absolutely fantastic - they really will! The worship is going to be great and the talks from John Peters are going to be great. Rather it’s just to say that there will be loads of time to relax, hang out, get to know one another, drink good drinks, eat good food, sunbathe, swim, spa, chill, karaoke, and possibly even do a spot of fishing. Basically everything that a good vacation requires.

So please come - because we want to hang out with you because you’re great.

The price is $195pp.

This includes lodging, breakfast, evening barbecue and use of all the hotel resort facilities.

If you have any questions or queries email Alice.

If you want to check out the hotel you can do so here. It’s right on the lake, a two minute walk from the town, and is very comfortable.

Sign up here - we’d so love you to spend the weekend with us.

Lots of love,
Ed and Hannah x