Thank you! + Alpha!

Easter Sunday was an absolute blast. The place was packed with standing room only. We celebrated baby dedications, adult baptisms and of course new, resurrected life.

Thank you to you all who came along on Sunday, and especially to those who worked so tirelessly to make everything happen. The set-up, decoration, kids, worship, welcome, pack-down, games, snow cones, food, drink, parking, hot-tub organization could not have gone more smoothly. Bread turned two years old - we celebrated - and we couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you so much!


Alpha is one of the most important things we do at bread. It is a series of five weekly evening gatherings starting on Wednesday 1st May. It runs from 7.30-9.30pm

Alpha is for anyone who hasn’t done Alpha before. It is a chance to ask any question, state any opinion, voice any frustration, and hear what we and other people think. Many people grow up with a Christian upbringing and/or have been influenced (positively or negatively) by Christian things, but get to adulthood and realize they don’t have a context to work out what they actually believe, or ask their questions, or hear from other like-minded people. Alpha is that context.

It is for those who are new to bread (it’s a brilliant way of getting to know more people outside of the rush and hecticness of Sundays) and it is equally for those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves Christians but are interested in what Christianity is and what we believe.

Each evening starts with food - flatbreads/charcturie etc (we buy those) and drinks from the bar (you buy those); there is a short talk from Ed on a different subject each week; and then we break into smaller groups to discuss.

We meet at Covell Sidebar on Hollywood Blvd. We have booked out the private event space next to the bar - access through the secret bookcase.

Do not miss alpha you will be so glad you made it. And bring along as many friends/colleagues/family members as you like.

For planning and catering purposes it would be extremely helpful to know if you are coming. So please sign up at the link here:

Lots of love and see you Sunday!
Ed and Hannah x