New Website & Early Bird Staycation.

Our new website is live. Have a look at it here.

There’s a chance there may be just a couple of grammatical/spelling/formatting errors. If you spot one you win a prize. The prize is getting to tell us about it so we can fix it. Thanks. And congratulations.


As part of the new website we have a new podcast on iTunes. If you subscribed to the old one, you’ll need to resubscribe to the new one (the old one will not be updating). Unfortunately this hasn’t gone live yet (technical issue), so in the meantime you’ll need to access all episodes from our website here:

Sorry about this, it’s out of our hands but should be resolved soon.

Early Bird Staycation.

Staycation is going to be wild and brilliantly and powerful and fun. Last year everyone loved it. This year will be even better.

You can now access early-bird rates ($45 discount pp), register and get more info here.

Pray LA.


Palms, 90034 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah x