Have you been baptized? We would love to baptize you if you would like to be baptized. Jesus thought it was a particularly good thing to do!

Similarly if you would like to have your children baptized/dedicated, we would love to do that too!

And as it happens, we are baptizing adults and baptizing/dedicating kids on Sunday 21st April, Easter Sunday, our second bread birthday.

The day is going to be a huge celebration.

Email for more information and Ed will be in touch.

Pray LA.


Frogtown, 90031 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

This Sunday.

We’re continuing our series in Ephesians. There’s a special focus on men, women, equality, patriachy, submission and men. And also men. And the importance of men.

10.30am Los Feliz Elementary.

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah x