Running Challenge.

On Sunday the LA Marathon is taking place. And guess where it goes? That’s right, right past the doors of bread. This means two things: 1. We are in a prime spot to cheer the marathoners on as we sip our pre-church beverages from the comfort of the church steps. 2. There will be some travel challenges.

But challenges that, like our 26-mile running brethren, we will not fear and we will overcome.

The route closes off Hollywood Blvd from DTLA to WEHO. So, if you’re coming from south you need to either take the 10 and the 5 round the south east of DTLA, or cross Hollywood on 101 and get off at Cahuenga (the earliest open off-ramp).

All roads are due to reopen by 10.45am.

More details here:

Remember rising to challenges is what you were made for.

Pray LA.

Quick reminder: we’re launching two prayer meetings in the coming weeks.

The first is Thursday March 28th in Frogtown, 90031 - 7.30pm-9pm

The second is Thursday April 4th in Palms, 90034 - 7.30pm-9pm

Email for more details.

See you Sunday…

Lots of love,

Ed and Hannah