Felicia Granados / Kids Church Leader.

Hiya friends! My name is Felicia but most people call me Feli. I was born in the San Fernando  Valley, but raised in Santa Clarita suburbs. I grew up with a predominantly religious household when I was younger but struggled with the idea of suffering as a teenager. If someone would have told me then I’d be a Sunday school teacher in my twenties I would have NEVER believed you. 

      However, growing up as the eldest child (by thirteen years!) you learn a few things about children along the way. While in community college I began finding human development extremely interesting and began pursuing my education in Early Childhood Development and Psychology. From there I was sought out by a woman who had created a progressive nature based preschool, that encompassed Reggio and RIE philosophy. It then became engraved in my head that PLAY is the most important activity children can experience! 

         In 2016 my roomate Cali and I met a group of wonderful people who were part of a Christian based community in Culver City. At first I was very weary of spending time with them because I was so blinded by the stereotypical Christian label and the faith conversations that came with it. Low and behold a few months later I was baffled at how much love and support poured out of them and I thought to myself “how can that be?”. I began challenging my own perception of God, asking him to show his power to alter my life for the better. If he was so great, I would surely see it right? One of my first experience back in church was nerve wrecking, so much so that I had forgotten to bring my glasses into service. Now looking back on that moment, I believe he wanted me to hear through life’s distortion. I now am exploring my spirituality, and discovering more with each day that passes. 


ice cold milk / unclogged nostrils / Comic books / warm laundry / libraries / rhythms and blues anything / long car rides / karaoke / mi familia / Chasing Amy directed by Kevin Smith / my family / fresh flowers ( especially chrysanthemums! ) / Judy Garland / Old or foreign movies / red shoes / science fiction / The Los Angeles Dodgers / HBO television  / Never Let Me Go by Kazu Ishiguro / pasta pasta pasta / Anime  


room temp milk / allergies / water falling down my sleeve / wrist touching / know it all attitude / talking during movies /  florescent lights / aggressive driving / gossiping / academic preschool / testing anxiety / super hero movies (except Batman and guardians) / sudoku / monopoly / un prepared weather attire / a full trash bin / small talk / objects on tall shelves / gum smacking / being told what to do