Los Angeles is the best.

But now and again it can leave anyone feeling isolated. We believe that bread should be somewhere where people can really be known and where they can really know others too.

We're looking to create as many opportunities as possible for people to make deep friendships, find a community, and belong to a family. This looks like three or four people meeting regularly for a drink and a catch-up, to larger groups with a specific focus, or even being part of the team helping out at one of our Serve The City days. It is good for all of us to have a sense of connection with other people. It is what we're created for and without it it becomes hard to grow. 

City Groups are a particularly brilliant way to get connected. We currently have groups meeting in Culver City, Palms and Highland Park. 

These groups enable you to meet more people in your area, build friendships and have a laugh. They also give a little more space for discussions, to worship together and pray. Sometimes they will have a specific focus, and sometimes they will be purely social. 

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