Alice Hodgkinson / Associate Leader.

I love to dance, well, I like it, doesn’t mean I'm good at it. I'm British, and am living in LA (obviously), and I really like being told ‘I LOVE your accent’ everyday, it makes me feel warm inside. 

I love church when it does all the good stuff - hanging out, laughing, being biblically AND culturally relevant and allowing people space to meet a real, powerful, grace filled, all loving Father in Heaven. I mean, who doesn’t need that? 

I didn’t really grow up around any of this, and that has its positives and its negatives, but it also makes me, me. I got invited to church while I was at  college and felt pretty strongly that a belief in God was a life crutch and a major personal weakness. But then I had a personal encounter with the God my friend was talking about, and everything changed. I felt loved and known beyond measure. That is why I do this, because Jesus changed everything for me, and I believe that he is in the business of doing that for others too. Feel free to ask me more questions, bye. 


people watching / when its sunny and rainy at the same time / spontaneous road trips / spontaneous holidays / spontaneous anything / fresh bed sheets / sarcasm / integrity / pistachio gelato / laughing until your stomach hurts / listening to people’s life stories / awkward introduction stories that still make you cringe / awkward handshakes / beyonce / thomas hardy literature / people who quietly prove others wrong / the ocean / the smell of summer / the smell of gas / riding the bus / ella fitzgerald / really really wise people / brunch for every meal / the fresh prince of bel air / grime / asking intensely emotional questions / secret beaches or forests or gardens or anything that feels secret / people I can learn from / gigs / those selfies where you try and have as many chins as possible


rules / people who are power hungry / when you sneeze and you don’t have a tissue to hand / not having the window seat / side hugs / slow walkers / “no offence, but…” / too much ice in a soft drink / compulsory email sign up before checkout on websites / when you can’t itch an itch / pink stuff / people who blame everything on, ‘oh, that’s because you’re a millennial’ / forced politeness / hot drinks, all kinds, including tea / that sick feeling before an exam, interview, driving test, confrontation, date / the notion that age, always brings wisdom / not laughing for a whole day / feeling like you are going to burst because you are so desperate for a pee / “pull yourself together” / garish interiors / having to leave a party early for ‘sensible, I have a job’ kinda reasons / 1% batt on any device / plastic wrap that can’t wrap / lime with hendrink’s / letting people down / stubbing a toe / loud chewers / anger from strangers / fruit flies / traffic on the 405 (see, i’m acclimatising)