Alana Campbell / Events Co-ordinator.

From Australia but completely in love with L.A. and proof God will use anyone.
Married to Pete for ages and still finding new things to be enamored by in him. Over protective Mom to Scout and Lux who are already cooler than I ever was.
Becoming more comfortable with the fact that I can’t not say what I’m thinking and quite enjoy giving a giant middle finger to anything in church that seems in-genuine which is why it was very easy for me to get onboard with what Bread is doing.
The absolute freedom I feel to be myself as a result of Gods unconditional love has completely obliterated my original notion that church was a powerless Sunday routine and that speaking to Him was a one way conversation.


sarcasm / loyalty / harry styles / candy / good manners / 5 separate texts instead of punctuation / vegas / pete’s cooking / petes margs / pete / organized cupboards / brave people / set menus / black jack / packing light / to do lists / modesty / the song gangstas paradise / apples phone and computer packaging / disneyland / people who just “get it” / minimilism / quiet achievers / ordering room service / jeans and a white tee


being under prepared for anything / putting shoes on kids feet / icloud / hopeless airport etiquette / live laugh love signs / sticky hands / celebrating my birthday / super long and pointy nails / the term “get right with God” / loud volume / returning purchases / public speaking / pressure to make nye the best one yet / bullies / people biting ice cream with their teeth / instagram / fake smiling / sad dog movies / long giving messages in church / “expresso” / people being rude to servers / craigslist pick ups / mouthwash